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Four Reasons Your Next Roof Replacement Should Be Metal

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If you have an image of metal roofing as a rusty material belonging exclusively to picturesque but falling-down old barns in the countryside, you may have a surprise coming. Metal is one of the best modern roofing materials for both residential and commercial buildings. If you're starting to research your next roof replacement, you should seriously consider switching to metal. Here are four reasons why metal is such an attractive option for re-roofing.

1. It pays for itself

Although some homeowners and business owners are frightened off by the higher price tag of metal per square foot, that's not the whole story. When you look more closely into the matter, you'll find that metal is overall a better bargain. In fact, it pays for itself (that is, not for the entire price, but for the extra investment) by lasting longer than asphalt roofing.

When you consider how much you normally invest in each roofing replacement, including the hours of research, discussions with contractors, and paying for materials and labor and disposal of old shingles, you'll realize that skipping a roof replacement can make up for quite a significant difference in price. And, depending on the type of metal you select, you may be able to skip more than one replacement.

The most commonly used types of metal can have a lifespan three times that of asphalt, allowing you to skip two replacements, and if you opt for a higher-end material like copper, you can expect a lifespan of more than one hundred years.

2. It's energy-efficient

Unlike asphalt, metal doesn't absorb all the light that hits it. Metal is naturally reflective and so absorbs much less heat. And when you paint it a light color or add a "cool roof coating" (which is suitable for most types of roofing other than shingles), it can absorb even less. The cool roof coating helps reflect both light and heat and even lets your roof last longer with fewer repairs.

But whether you have the coating or not, metal is a much cooler type of roofing than asphalt. This means it can save energy used for air conditioning, keep your house more comfortable without overworking your AC system, and help diminish the urban heat island effect in your community.

3. It' surprisingly quiet

Just because your metal roof is more energy-efficient doesn't mean you shouldn't insulate it. But when you do install proper insulation, your metal roof won't be nearly as noisy in the rain as you might imagine. The experiences you've had with loud metal roofs probably come from barn roofs that weren't properly secured and were bare underneath with no insulation at all. Correct installation and insulation will muffle the sounds of raindrops on a metal roof just as it would with any other roof.

4. There are lots of options available

If you want a higher-end roof, look into the copper options available. You'll pay a premium for the material, but it'll have a much longer lifespan and you can spend years watching a lovely patina develop. On the other hand, if you need a metal roof on a budget, you can go with an option that's inexpensive enough to pay for the extra investment within one hypothetical shingle roof replacement cycle. These budget-friendly metal options include galvanized steel, aluminum, and tin.

These four points show just how much a metal roof has to offer to you and your home or business. If you're considering metal but don't like the initial price investment, try comparing the price and expected lifespan with that of your last roof and you might discover that you'll actually save money overall. Click here for more information about roofing.