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FAQ About A Cedar Shake Roof

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Did you go shopping for roofing materials but couldn't decide which type to get for your house? To make your decision easier, you might want to consider getting cedar shakes installed on your roof. You can't go wrong with cedar shakes because they are beneficial in numerous ways. This article will answer some of the questions that you might have in mind concerning a cedar shake roof.

Will a Cedar Shake Roof Last for a Long Time?

One of the perks of cedar is that it is one of the strongest types of wood that you can find. The strength of the wood makes it durable and will also make the overall structural stability of your roof stronger.  A cedar shake roof will also last long because it is resistant against getting damaged from insects. You also have the option of getting the cedar treated to make it even more durable, such as against rain, snow, hail and other outside elements.

Are Cedar Shakes Good for Insulation?

Cedar shakes are very ideal if you are looking for a roofing material that can help with insulating your house. Cedar is actually a natural insulating material that makes it difficult for air to pass in and out of your house through the roof. Your house will be more energy efficient with a cedar shake roof, which can save you money on energy bills.

Can Cedar Shakes Add More Character to a House?

A cedar shake roof is a good way to add character to your house. Cedar will make your roof unique because each shake will have its own patterns. The cedar shakes will also go through the process of changing into different colors with age. For instance, grey is one of the colors that cedar can change into and give your house character.

Can a Cedar Shake Roof Resist Fire?

It is typical for roofing materials that are made out of wood to be susceptible to getting damaged by fire. However, you can opt for cedar shakes that have been treated to make them more resistant to fire, as a contractor can place a fire retardant on the shakes for protection. There are also cedar shakes available that have been pressure-impregnated with polymers that can make them permanently resistant to the effects of fire. For more information about your roofing options, contact residential roofing by E W Smith Roofing or a similar company.