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How Installing A Metal Roof Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Typically your mortgage is your biggest singular expense when it comes to keeping a roof over your head. This is why you'll find lots of financially savvy homeowners forgoing family vacations and new car purchases so that they can pay their mortgages down earlier. Behinds mortgage payments, property owners can also look forward to hefty home energy costs unless they make couple of major changes to their homes that will heavily impact their energy costs.

The Peculiar History of Metal Roofing

While they're unique and certainly eye catching, you're just not going to see a lot of metal roofs in most neighborhoods. Metal roofing had its first heyday during the mid 19th century, during a time in which the population was quickly rising in the U.S. and home builders were looking for the most durable products in which to construct new houses. It was during this time that metal roofing became the epitome of high class as materials such as tin and copper were more hard to come by than lumber and clay tiles.

Although metal roofs soon proved to be long lasting and required fewer repairs, middle-class home buyers just weren't in the market for them. Now that metal roofs are making a comeback, homeowners are understanding that investing in metal roofing can be very smart if you look at the total cost for installation versus the frequency of replacement generally necessary. When the compare the energy bills of a home with metal roofing against a home that has a roof made of terracotta, asphalt, or shale, the difference is quite pronounced. 

Metal Roofing Provides Superb Insulation

If you believe that your home heating and cooling expenses are higher than you are comfortable with, you may think that additional insulation will help. You can purchase energy efficient windows, weatherstrip your doors or even install new insulation inside of your entire home. Having a new metal roof installed might provide better insulation as metal can be both light reflective and a heat conductor.

When a professional roofer like Amick Roofing Inc installs a metal roof, considerations such as heating and cooling are most definitely taken into account. Your roofer will know if galvanized steel will provide you with the most energy cost reduction potential, or if copper metal roofing will be the best choice for your home. Homeowners who decide to have metal roofs installed can see their energy expenses go down and continue for the next 30, 40, or even 50 years that they own their original metal roofs.