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Install A Flat Roof

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It is amazing to drive across the country and see some of the neat architectural styles of different parts of the country. One aspect of homes that changes a great deal is the roof. The roof of a home can be built in many styles and in many materials. One type of roof that you may find down in the southwest a great deal is the flat roof. Now, it is actually not completely flat but has a pitch of about 10 degrees. This allows the little rain that does fall to actually drain off of the roof. There are lots of benefits of having a flat roof, and if you find yourself in this area of the United States you should consider it for your own roof. Here are some of the benefits of having a flat roof.


One thing that you will find a lot of people do in this region is they take advantage of the flat spot and use it to plant a garden. This is a great way to utilize this space. The garden is going to do a few things for you. The first is obvious it is going to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables. The second benefit may be a little bit more subtle. The garden is going to help you insulate your home. You may find that when you have a flat roof with a garden on top that your energy bill is going to drop.

Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

You may also want to utilize this space to get rid of any eye sores in your lawn. One thing that many people hide on the top of their roof is the air conditioning unit compressor. This is usually found in the back yard, but it can be loud and and eye sore. You may want to make it more hidden by putting it on top of your house. One of the benefits of this is keeping it out of sight, but you may also find that it is easier to keep clean. You will not have all the different plants trying to grow into the compressor. You are also going to want to make sure that the compressor is level at all times. Although the flat roof only has a bit of a slope, you want to make sure that the slope is accounted for and the compressor is able to be level.