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Common Asphalt Shingle Replacement Questions

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Asphalt shingles are an extremely common type of roofing that will frequently be installed on homes and businesses. While these shingles will be effective at protecting the roof, exposure to the elements will gradually degrade them until they need to be replaced. Replacing a home's shingles may be a fairly routine task, but it is one that homeowners are frequently ill-experienced in doing. To help you with addressing composed or worn roof shingles, there are some concerns that you should have answered.

How Will You Know Your Shingles Need To Be Replaced?

You might think that you will only need to have your shingles replaced when they are torn from the home during strong storms. However, all of your shingles will need to eventually be replaced by a company like Advantage Roofing to keep the roof protected. There can be a couple of indications that this work is needing to be done, and you will want to watch for these issues so that you can have your shingles replaced as soon as it is time. The first issue that will warn you of this problem will be the small granules on the exterior of the shingles washing off. You will know that this is happening due to the granules being near the downspouts and sections of your roof becoming discolored.

What Happens To Your Old Shingles?

One of the first steps in replacing a roof will be to remove the old shingles. For homeowners that have concerns about the environment, it may be easy to worry about what happens to these old shingles. Luckily, there are recycling centers that have the capability of processing these shingles. By requesting that these services be used to dispose of the shingles from your home, you can help to prevent this work from causing any more environmental damage than is necessary.

Do New Roofs Require Any Special Care?

After the new roof is installed, you will want to take the best care possible of it to avoid the need to have it replaced or repaired in the near future. Yet, it can be fairly easy to overlook and neglect the maintenance needs of a new roof. For example, homeowners will frequently be unaware of the need to seal-coat and clean the roof. Luckily you can hire roof maintenance services that will handle all aspects of this task, which can reduce the amount of work that you are needing to do for your property without compromising its integrity or appearance.