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Three Myths Concerning Roofing Damage And Repairs

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There are few issues that can be more stressful for homeowners to have to address than repairing damage to their roofs. When roofs suffer damage, failure to repair them in a timely fashion can contribute to a dramatic worsening of the damage to the house. Eventually, this can result in the property needing to undergo far more extensive repairs. Fortunately, you may find that you can minimize these problems by having an accurate understanding of this particular hazard.

Myth: Storm Damage Is Limited To Issues Caused By Strong Wind

There is a common assumption that storm damage is always caused by the winds that these systems can produce. While it is true that strong winds can be a major source of roof damage, there are numerous other causes for these damages. For example, large hail stones can wreak havoc on shingles by dislodging them. Additionally, winter storms can deposit tremendous amounts of snow and ice, which can add enough weight to the roof to put it at risk of collapsing, cracking or suffering other serious problems.

Myth: Addressing Roof Damage Always Involves Making Structurally Significant Repairs

It is often assumed that any type of roof repair will require major structural work be done. However, it is often possible to correct an assortment of roof damages with seemingly cosmetic repairs. For example, replacing compromised shingles will improve the appearance of your home while also ensuring that the roof is as protected as possible from the elements. Also, many instances of minor rot can be corrected by simply replacing some of the roof paneling. By having your roof inspected and repaired as soon as you suspect your roof is damaged, you will be better able to limit the risk of needing major structural repair work.

Myth: Replacing Shingles Will Be An Extremely Lengthy Repair

When a homeowner discovers that it is necessary to replace their shingles, they may become concerned about this type of project being extremely lengthy in nature. However, replacing shingles is a task that can be completed fairly quickly. In fact, it is often possible for a home to have all of its shingles replaced in only a couple of days. When you obtain a quote for your project from a contract, they will provide you with a fairly accurate estimated project completion time that will factor the size of the roof, the extent of the damage as well as the building materials that were used in it.

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