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Two Reasons Why You Should Fix Ponding Water Issues ASAP

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One of the drawbacks to having a flat roof is it can develop ponding issues. Ponding describes a problem where water collects in one or more spots on the roof and either drains away very slowly or not at all. It may be tempting to ignore the issue, especially if you feel it will cost a lot of money to fix, but here are two reasons you'll want to take care of ponding problems as soon as possible.

Development of Unsightly Algae and Vegetation

There are a number of organisms that thrive on moisture, and algae are one of them. Most roofs will have algae grow on them over time due to regular rainfall and/or high humidity, but standing pools of water encourage the organism to appear earlier than normal and cover larger areas of the roof. Likewise, ponds of water can promote plant and mold growth, creating an unsightly mess.

However, algae, plants, and mold are more than a cosmetic issue, though their presence can make your home or commercial building look unappealing. These organisms can damage the roof as well as break off and clog drains, both of which may result in leaks that devastate internal structures.

Premature Deterioration and Warping

Another problem caused by ponding water issues is premature deterioration and warping of the roof. It is well-known that the ultraviolet light (UV) in the sun's rays causes long-term damage to roofs, and most roofing materials are designed to counteract this problem. Water, however, acts as a magnifying glass and will focus those harmful UV rays more intensely in the places where it's ponding. This will cause those areas to break down faster and require replacement sooner.

Additionally, the longer water sits in an area, the more time it has to penetrate the stuff underneath it. This may cause wood and other vulnerable materials to swell and distort, eventually leading to warping that can compromise the roof's structural integrity.

The damage caused by ponding water can be extensive, requiring major roof repairs or a complete overhaul. Therefore, it's important you take action as soon as you notice you have water ponding problems. You may be able to solve the issue with something as simple as improving drainage in the area or applying a waterproof coating designed to minimize the damage caused by standing water.

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