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Eliminate Moss Plants That Are Growing Near The Edges Of Asphalt Shingles

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If an asphalt shingle roof was installed on your home last year and you recently noticed that moss plants are growing near the edges of some of the shingles, prevent the excessive weight from damaging roofing materials by removing the plants with the following steps. After restoring the roof to its original state, protect shingles from further damage by securing strips that contain copper or zinc across the top of the roof and under the chimney.


  • extension ladder
  • safety gear
  • vinyl cloths
  • garden sprayer
  • bleach
  • water hose
  • thin pry bar
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • roof strips (containing copper or zinc)
  • roofing adhesive
  • paintbrush
  • roofing nails
  • nail gun

Make Preparations And Remove Moss Plants

Set up an extension ladder near the portion of the roof where you spotted moss plants. Put on safety gear, including a hard hat, goggles, sturdy work boots, and a harness. Use a garden hose to add water to a garden sprayer's tank. The water line needs to fall just beneath the agitating blades. Pour a small amount of chlorine bleach into the tank. Turn on the power to the sprayer to mix the water and bleach.

Use vinyl cloths to cover the property that surrounds your home. While standing on the ladder, soak the moss plants with the mixture that is in the garden sprayer's tank. The water and bleach mixture will soften and kill the plants. Use the tip of a metal pry bar or stiff-bristled scrub brush to loosen the moss from the shingles. Add more of the bleach and water mixture to the roof if you have difficulty eliminating all of the plants with the first application. Rinse the rooftop off with water and wait for the treated shingles to dry.

Install A Strip Across The Roof's Peak And Under The Chimney

Measure the width of the roof's peak and the length of the roof that is directly underneath your home's chimney to purchase copper or zinc strips that are the proper measurement. Use either roofing adhesive or nails to secure the strips to the roof. If you opt to use adhesive, apply a thin, even coat of adhesive to the back side of each strip. Press the strip along the width of the roof's peak. Secure the remaining strip across the portion of the roof that is directly underneath the chimney.

If you choose to use nails to secure the strips, use a nail gun to insert nails through the middle of the strips. Continue to insert nails down the length of each strip. Copper or zinc will be released from the strips when it rains and will form a barrier that will prevent moss growth on the asphalt shingles. 

For more information on re-roofing, contact your local roofing company today!