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Three Types Of Damage To Look For During A Roof Inspection

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Inspecting your home's roof each fall can allow you to discover issues that are developing with this critical part of your house. A roof inspection can be essential, but they are often more involved than homeowners expect. While it is often a far easier task to hire professionals from a company like 5 Star Roofing to perform the inspection, there are many homeowners that will want to perform this type of work without hiring a professional. For these individuals, there are several common problems that they should look for during this inspection.

Damaged Shingles

The shingles are among the most noticeable components of the roof. You might be under the impression that damaged shingles will be extremely easy to notice. However, there are many types of shingle damage that will be very difficult to notice if you are not looking closely. When evaluating the shingles for damage, you should look for signs of the shingles being slightly misaligned, cracked, or warped. If the shingles have suffered these damages, you will need to replace them in order to keep the roof protected against water damage.

Rusted Flashing

Preventing water from coming into direct contact with the unprotected wooden components of the roof is essential for protecting it. However, there will be many areas where it could be possible for water to seep through the roof and come into contact with these components of the roof. For example, these gaps can be present near the chimney, vents, or other components of the roof that protrude from it. When inspecting the flashing, you will want to look for signs of corrosion or warping. Corrosion can eventually lead to holes forming in the flashing, and this can cause water to seep into it. Warping can allow water to get behind the flashing, which can rot the wooden components. If you notice that light rust is forming on the flashing, you may be able to slow its progression by using sandpaper to remove the corrosion and seal the metal. Warped flashing will have to be replaced, as it can be impossible to bend it back into the correct shape.

Algae And Moss Growths

Finding algae or moss growing your roof is a potentially serious problem. These plants can trap moisture and secretions that can rapidly degrade the shingles. Removing these substances can be difficult to do without the right tools, as they may be firmly attached to the roof. By renting a pressure washer, you can easily remove these substances from the roof with minimal effort on your part. You may be tempted to use a mop or other manual tool for this task, but this can be extremely dangerous, as it can make it easy to lose your balance.