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Choose A Flat Roof

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Trying to pick a type of roof and material for a roof can be a hard choice. There are many different styles that you can choose from, and the materials range greatly. There are a lot of different factors that you should consider when trying to pick your roof. One type of roof that is popular in the southwest region of the United States is a flat roof. You will likely see this type of roof in Nevada, New Mexico, and parts of Utah. This type of roof provides a few advantages over normal home roofs. This article will give just a few reasons why you should seriously consider a flat roof. 

Usable Space

Often when you think of a roof, you simply think of what keeps the rain out of your house or maybe of a structural support to the home. Most people do not think of the roof as usable space. However, if you have a flat roof, you will be able to use that space for a great deal of things. In the southwest, this area is often used for gardening. The area allows for a great deal of sunlight, and with the right sprinkling system, the plants will have a lot of water. Since the roof is mostly flat, the water will soak into the soil and be absorbed by the roots. The garden provides a nice, little vegetable patch, but it also increases the insulation of your roof. Do not worry, though; a "flat" roof is not actually completely flat, as it has about a ten-degree pitch. 

Another way to use the space of the roof is to put your air conditioning compressor on the top of your home. Air conditioning compressors are often overgrown by vegetation and need to be cleaned. However, if you put the compressor on your roof you will not have to worry about vegetation overgrowing your air conditioning compressor. A cement slab can easily be put on a flat roof to ensure that the compressor is always level.


One of the biggest expenses of building a roof is the materials. If you opt to have a flat roof, you are going to save money on the materials alone. There is generally less framing and overall materials needed for flat roof installation. A flat roof is also quicker to build and shingle, so you will also save money when it comes to labor costs. A flat roof has many different benefits and so should be considered carefully.

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