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5 Signs That You Need A New Roof Or Roof Repair

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If your home is looking dilapidated and worn you might need to start looking it over for home repairs. Whether you think you can do without various states of electricity or even hot water the importance of a roof over your head will affect you more that your realize. A roof, no matter how simple, is built to keep the elements away from you while you're indoors. Whether you have a completely insulated home or not the roof is your key. There are a few signs you can look for if you think that you need a new roof or roof repair.

More bugs than usual

Your home might have the occasional bug or two, however, with unknown holes in your roof you could be on your way to a roach motel. If you notice bugs getting in no matter how much insecticide you put out, you might have a hole in your roof. The hole might be completely hidden underneath one of the singles; however, if you follow the trail of bugs it should lead you there. Don't ignore this problem either, if bugs are finding one way in and they realize you have food, that small hole is going to be bigger really fast.

You have sunlight you didn't think you had before

If you aren't really a person who notices bugs in the home then the problem of extra lighting that could amaze you. If you are looking through the attic for signs of possible roof failure and you see that there is a light where no light should be, you've probably been losing singles for a while. Your roof has become so compromised that the singles are now falling into the hole in your attic. While you might look at this roof and think you have nothing to fear from it, just wait until it rains.

Shingles are falling off

While you're checking out your roof for any possible signs you need a repair and you see a few missing singles, that's a key sign you need to repair that roof. When shingles are falling off, it's just the beginning. The loose shingles can create damp spots in the ceiling and affect your entire home. When going up to the roof to repair those singles, it's important to watch out for any loose ones as well. When there is one shingle free, it's only a matter of time before the rest of them start to fall.

Temperatures are too low or too high

When there is a problem with your roof, you may find that no matter how much you try to lower or raise the temperature you're still uncomfortable. A compromised roof means that you now have no insulation. While you might not feel it as much in the summer time, in winter you'll be wishing you had fixed that roof sooner. A non-insulated home can also cause problems with the cooling and heating bills, if you haven't notice the roof problem yet you might have been cranking up the energy bills trying to get cooler.

Faded coloring on the roof

A final sign of the need for roof repairs or a roof replacement is the faded coloring of the shingles. The shingles with the different coloring are most likely cracked and worn out which is a desperate sign for them to be replaced with new shingles. The cracked shingles with faded coloring are usually a sign that they are about to fall as well. By keeping a look out to your roof about the possibility of a change in coloring you might be able to catch these damaged shingles before they fall.

A damaged roof can lead to serious problems in the future. Without looking up at your roof once and a while, you might not be able to catch these problems in time. However, if anything on this list starts to happen you can act quickly to make sure you roof is well repaired in no time.