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Changing Your Roof Design For The Better During Replacement Projects

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Eventually, you will need to have a new roof installed on your home, which means it is also time for repairs and maybe even a few improvements. There are some improvements that can change your roof for the better when you have it replaced, such as getting rid of water traps or adding natural lighting with dormers or skylights. Here are a few ideas to change your roof design for the better while you are already spending money to have it replaced:

1. Different Roof Improvements to Give Your Home Natural Lighting

Getting natural light is something that can help you save energy and improve the look of your home. Skylights are a simple improvement that can be done with a minimal amount of remodeling to your home and give you the benefit of natural lighting. If you want to have something a little more conventional to give your home more natural light, dormers with windows are great, but they will need a little more work than skylights to install.

2. Reduce Wear and Water Damage with Changes to Roof Slopes

There are many problems on your roof that can be caused by roof slopes where too much water flows to one area. Talk to the roofing contractor about making changes to some of these problem areas to reduce wear on your roof. Some of the common areas that wear are around upper-floor walls, valleys and other places where different parts of the structure meet. Talk with the roofing contractor about adding structures to improve watershed, as well as reinforcing flashing in areas that are more vulnerable to damage from excessive wear.

3. Improve Energy Efficiency with Better Roofing and Covered Areas

The roofing of your home is another aspect that you may want to change with a replacement. Changing the materials for something that provides more thermal mass and reflects solar heat gain can improve the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, you may want to consider adding covered areas to your home, such as over an entrance, back porch, and other areas. Adding a covered porch area can also help give your home valuable outdoor living space.

These are some ideas that will help you change your roofs design for improvements when having a replacement done. Contact a roofing contractor to get an estimate on replacement and some of these improvements for your home. The roofer can help you improve your roof when you are investing in a replacement.