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3 Tips To Help Get Your Roof Prepared For The Winter Ahead

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Soon, winter weather will be here and your roof is going to need some maintenance. The sooner you get prepared for winter, the less likely it is going to be for your roof to need repairs. Some of the things you will want to do include checking for damage, insulating the attic and protecting against ice dams. Here are some tips that will help you get your roof ready for the winter months:

1. Checking Your Roof for Signs of Small Leaks That Need Repair

The roof of your home can develop small leaks that you will want to deal with. These leaks can become more serious in the winter months. Find leaks by looking for signs of water marks and ice crystals forming in areas of your home like the attic. During the winter months, the frost will form where there are leaks around fasteners like screws and nails. During the warmer months, look for watermarks where the small leaks form. The small leaks cause ice to form, which can lead to more serious water damage problems in your home.

2. Improving Insulation to Prevent Ice Dams During Freezing Weather

The insulation in your attic is also something that protects your home from ice dams forming on the roof. The insulation helps to stop that rising heat that melts snow and ice, which is the cause of ice dams. If you want to prevent the buildup of ice on your roof, then it is important to make sure your attic has the appropriate insulation. If you have finished space in the attic, then you will want to ensure that the rafters also have the appropriate insulation.

3. Roof and Exterior Improvements to Protect Against Winter Weather Wear

The exterior improvements to your home will also help protect against ice dams. Things like gutter guards will help to allow snow and ice to flow over gutters instead of forming ice dams at the eaves. In addition, you may want to consider adding a reinforced membrane at the eaves of your roof. The membrane will help protect against leaks at areas where more wear occurs due to snow and ice runoff. In addition, reinforce areas where your roof has flashing to reduce ice dam problems. 

These are a few tips that will help you get your roof prepared for the winter months. Contact a roofing contractor to help with some of the maintenance and repairs your roof needs to get ready for winter weather. Contact a company like JC Roofing & Insulating for more information and assistance.