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Several Myths About Roof Damage You Might Currently Believe

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Understanding the basics of roof damage is important for anyone that owns a house or other type of building. While roof damage is a problem that will have to be routinely addressed, misinformation about this particular challenge of property ownership can contribute to confusion when addressing this issue.

Myth: It Is Easy To Spot Roof Damage Without Climbing Up On The Roof

Individuals will frequently assume that it is fairly easy to spot a damaged roof from the ground. While it may be simple to determine whether a roof has sustained obvious damage, there are many subtle ways that a roof can be compromised. In particular, there may be very small punctures in the shingles or rubber of the roof that would allow moisture to weaken and rot the supports that hold the roof in place.

Myth: Insurance Will Always Cover The Costs Of Repairing Your Roof

When you find that your roof has suffered serious structural problems or damages, your first instinct will likely be to contact your insurance company. While it is common for building insurance policies to cover a wide range of different types of roof damage, there are many issues that will not be covered under these plans. For example, these policies will rarely cover the costs of repairing incorrect repairs or other damages that result from working on the house. Some of the plans may not cover the damages caused by termites while others may, and it is important to know the exact limits of your insurance policy's roof coverage.

Myth: Only Strong Storms Will Contribute To Roof Damage

The type of damage that can result from a strong storm will be among the most obvious threats that your roof will face. However, there are many other ways that your roof could suffer extensive damages. Tree branches can weaken and fall without the need for strong winds, and these impacts could leave large holes in the roof. Insects could eat the organic components of the roof and bird nests could contribute to rot forming by keeping the roof wet.

If a roof is allowed to suffer extensive damage, it could severely compromise the integrity of your building, which could put you at an extreme risk of suffering injury. Knowing that roof damage is not always easy to spot from the ground, the limits of insurance coverage for roof repairs and the wide range of threats that could damage it will enable you to keep your building safe from the hazards of a poorly maintained roof.

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