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3 Gutter Improvements That Give You More From Your Investment

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If you want to protect the foundation of your home from roof runoff, gutters are a great investment for home. With gutters, there are also improvements that you can do for appearance and water collection systems. Improvements to your gutters will protect your roof, make your home more attractive, and add renewable resources that you can use. Here are some of the improvements that you will want to get more from your investment in gutters for your home:

1. Gutter Guards That Help to Protect the Roof of Your Home

While gutters are meant to protect the structure of your home from runoff, the debris or snow and ice that collects in them can cause problems. Adding gutter guards is a simple improvement that can be done to protect the gutters of your home from some of these potential problems. If you live in a northern climate, look for gutter guard systems that allow snow and ice to flow over the gutter and prevent ice dams.

2. Rain Chains and Attractive Aesthetic Improvements for Gutters

Rain chains are a great addition to gutters for replacing downspouts with an attractive feature. The use of rain chains will give your home an interesting water feature when it rains and come in many different styles that are easy to change. If you want to add event more aesthetic features, copper brackets or decorative gutters are also attractive features to add to your home when you have gutters installed. With copper gutters and rain chains, you will have a very attractive look for the gutters you have installed on your home.

3. Rain Collection to Add Water Resources to Your Gutter System 

Rain collection systems are a great way to add resources for water from your gutters. There are many different types of rain collection systems that can be added to your gutters. You can use the water from rain collection for simple chores around your home, or you may want to use it as a backup source of water for a well. Depending on the uses you plan for rain collection, you will want to talk with the gutter installer about options for different sized tanks and filtration systems for your rain collection.

These are some of the improvements that will give you more from your investment in gutters for your home. Contact a roofing services company like JSI Roofing to get more from your investment in gutters and talk with them about some of these additional improvements.