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Preparation, Inspection, And Repair Tips To Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

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Winter is slowly creeping into many parts of the country already, shortening the time homeowners have to prepare their home for winter's storms. If you have not inspected and made essential repairs to your home's roof yet, you should complete this project as soon as possible to ensure your roof continues to be a strong protection against the elements. Here are some tips to help you inspect and prepare your home's roof for this winter.


Before you get upon your roof, you should make sure you can safely gain access to your rooftop. Do not climb upon your roof in wet or frozen weather, as you can slip from its surface. And make sure you are wearing shoes with good tread to provide adequate traction to keep you from slipping.

You should also choose a day when the weather is sunny to help protect your roofing materials from unnecessary damage. Sunny weather warms and softens the shingles on your roof making them flexible and easily workable to make any necessary repairs. Cold and cloudy weather can make your shingles brittle and easy to break.


Once upon your roof, look for any pieces of debris sitting on your shingles and remove them for disposal. Any tree branch or bunches of leaves that are left upon your shingles will attract additional debris and hold in moisture on your shingles, potentially causing moisture damage to the shingles and their underlying layers.

Also look for damage to your shingles in the form of cracks, missing pieces, holes from hail damage, or entire shingles blown from the roof. In any area of a missing shingle, inspect the roofing felt that has been exposed to make sure it has not become damaged by water or allowed water to saturate its underlayers.


For any shingles showing damage, you will need to replace them with a new shingle from your supply of extra shingles. If you do not have extra shingles, you can buy a box of shingles that match or closely match your existing shingles from a local roofing supplier or a home improvement store.

If you are making your own repairs, use a pry bar to lift up any remaining damaged shingle and the existing shingle placed above it upon the roof. You will need to remove the roofing nails that are placed through your shingle and also through the above-positioned shingle. Place a new shingle in its spot and reattach the shingle by placing nails through the center and the top of the shingle. Make sure the shingle's top row of nails insert through the shingle above the repair.

If you are not equipped or able to make the shingle repairs, contact a roofing professional, such as Ray's Accurate Roofing , to make the repairs for you.