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Why Your Shingles May Blow Off The Roof

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Having shingles blown off the roof is one of the most serious damages your roof can experience. It means you have to replace the shingles as soon as possible before they expose your roof to serious water damage. If your shingles are blowing off the roof, here are some of the reasons you may be facing the problem:

They Were Installed On A Cold Day

Shingle installation is best done in warm weather. If the temperatures are low, the shingle tar strips may not warm properly, and this may prevent them from adhering perfectly on the roof. As a result, shingles installed on a cold day are likely to be weak.

They Were Installed When The Air Was Dusty

In addition to low temperatures, dusty conditions may also prevent the shingles from setting properly. The dust particles contaminate the shingle's seal and reduce their adhesive seal.

They Were Not Properly Installed

The installation of the shingles is probably the number one thing that determines how firmly they become attached to the roof. The shingles should be nailed in the right places, using the right types of nails, and using the right number of nails. Anything less than that leads to weak shingles. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this if you have a professional roofing contractor handle the work.

Your Roof is Aging

Even if your shingles were properly installed under the perfect conditions, they will get weak with time as they age.  For example, the shingle nails may loosen and the sealing may deteriorate. Therefore, if your old shingles are falling off the roof, there may be nothing wrong with them other than their age.

They Have Not Had Time To Set

Shingles may also fall off the roof if something disturbs them before they set properly. Shingles typically require 4 to 6 weeks to set properly, and during this time, they are weak and can be dislodged from their places if acted upon by strong forces. Therefore, if your roof experiences strong wind damage one week after their installation, they can easily fly off the roof.

They Are Sitting On Damaged Roof Deck

Lastly, if shingles are falling off the roof, it might be that there is nothing wrong with the actual roof, but rather, it is the roof structure below them that is damaged. This may be the case, for example, if the shingles were replaced over a damaged deck that is now falling apart.

Hopefully, your roof is structurally sound and your shingles are not falling off. If the damage has already been done, however, don't handle the replacement as a DIY project; let a professional roofer handle the work. For more information, contact a company like Christianson Roofing INC.