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Tile Roofing Issues After A Brushfire

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After a brushfire that has sent ash all over the surrounding region, one of the first tasks many people try to do is clean. They clean their cars, their yards, and their patios, but they often forget their roofs. No matter what material you have, you have to get the ash off the roof, but tile roofs present a special situation. If there has been a brushfire near you in the past few months, you need to start taking care of your roof to prolong its lifespan.

Ash Is Acidic

Ash from a brushfire is acidic. It doesn't automatically burn everything it touches, but it can degrade and eat through car paint and other surfaces over time if the ash is left alone. When you clean up after a brushfire -- and keep in mind that your house doesn't have to look like it's been in an ash snowfall to be concerned about this -- cleaning off the roof is a necessary task. For pitched, one-story roofs, you might be able to do this yourself, but in most cases, it's safer to call a roofing company to see about roof cleaning.

Ash Pollution in Yard

When you do have the ash washed away, be aware of where the water flows. Do not let it flow into storm drains or areas where you need your soil to be alkaline. Direct the flow of the water by adding attachments to your downspouts, and send the water to areas of landscaping in your yard that are OK with acidic soil. The acid-alkaline balance in your yard can really affect how your plants grow, and you don't want to make growing conditions more difficult than they already are, given how much ash has already fallen on the yard.

Ash Intrusion

A tile-roof-specific problem is intrusion into roof spaces. The ash can fly under those crescent-shaped tiles, and it can get into crawlspaces through cracks in older tiles. Have the roof inspected and see if the roofing company can clean under the tiles as well so that the acidic ash doesn't affect the interior layers of the roof.

Tile roofing is actually a very good material to have in fire season and at other times, too, but you do need to know what to expect in situations like this. Contact a roofing company to discuss cleaning and repair so that your house and roof stay in good shape.