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Asphalt Tiles Vs. Spray Foam Roofing

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If you have a flat roof, you are probably more interested in a roofing material that is practical and waterproof than a material that is stylish. Basically, a flat roof is usually less visible, so property owners don't really care what it looks like. However, they definitely need a product that is waterproof. A flat roof is more susceptible to water damage because it has to deal with standing water. This article compares two of the most practical materials for a flat roof. Spray foam and asphalt tiles are both extremely affordable and practical flat roof materials.

Asphalt Roof Tiles

Asphalt tiles are used on every type of roof. They can look equally great on commercial and residential buildings. They are used because they are so affordable and easy to install. It is also very simple to repair or replace asphalt tiles. Asphalt is a practical and no-nonsense material. Asphalt tiles require very little maintenance, and can create a durable waterproof seal. That is, once you install an asphalt tile roof, there isn't much you need to worry about afterwards.

One other great thing about asphalt tiles is that they are relatively easy to install. For ambitious homeowners who want to handle their own project, asphalt tiles can be a great choice.

Spray Foam Roofs

A spray foam roof, on the other hand cannot be self install. Spray foam is an application process that requires unique tools and a professional touch. Spray foam is usually applied using a compressor and an air hose. This special hose sprays the foam directly onto the surface. Professionals will use large tanks that enable them to spray big areas very quickly. The great thing about a spray foam roof is that it is solid and waterproof. It basically applies a rubberized foam coat on top of your existing roof surface. This coat is usually a solid color which you can then custom paint, or just leave white. The convenience and affordability of spray foam makes it a great choice for flat roofs.

The actual foam, if you break it down per square foot, is also going to cost less than asphalt tiles. However, the cost of the two can be comparable if you are going to install your own asphalt tiles. Basically, if you have a flat roof, you can't go wrong with spray foam or asphalt tiles. They are both durable and waterproof materials. Learn more about your options by visiting resources like