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What Roof Damage To Look For When House Hunting

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The process of buying a home is very exciting, as you spend time touring different homes to find one that you see yourself living in. However, many home buyers are caught up on what the inside of the home is like, when they should pay some attention to the exterior as well.

One aspect that is worth paying attention to is the roof. While it is out of sight for the most part, it is an expensive feature of a home that could be in need of repair from residential roofers. Here are some forms of roof damage to look for to ensure that the home has a roof that is in great shape.

Shingle Curling

One visual inspection you can do is to stand underneath the roof eaves and look upward. Shingles that are not damaged will look to be even with a roof. When the shingles have edges that have started to curl upward, it means the roof could be in need of replacement soon. Shingles eventually become brittle, and a curled up edge will eventually break. This leaves the roof exposed to water damage.


Brand new shingles are made with a protective coat of granules on them. It looks like small pieces of gravel, and it gives the shingles protection against various weather conditions like snow, wind, and rain. Over the years, the granules will start to come off of the shingles. They will settle into the gutters and flow into the downspouts. It is worth taking a look at what is in the bottom of the downspouts. Seeing a lot of granules means that shingles have lost a lot of them, and can be a sign of needing replacement soon.

Missing Shingles

One problem that is a bit more obvious is missing shingles. This can easily happen after a strong storm comes through, which can rip the shingles right off the roof. Walk around the house and see if there are any shingles that are missing.

Light in the Attic

Take a quick peek in the home's attic. You should check to see if light is coming through the home's roof, since it is clearly a sign of roof damage. This is a big problem, because water could already be coming into the home and causing damage.

Finding roof damage is not the worst thing to discover if you have found your dream home. Roof damage can be fixed, so be sure to work with the seller to have it repaired. Recommend that a local roofing contractor performs an inspection and provides a repair estimate, and you can use this figure to negotiate the sale price of the home or credits at closing.