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How Poor Roof Insulation Leads To Ice Dams And Roof Damage

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The roof of the home is a bit like the skin on your body because it helps protect against serious damage. However, poor roofing insulation can cause a situation known as ice dams. These dams can heavily affect your roof and cause damage that must be repaired to avoid serious concerns.

Ice Dams Can Be Damaging

If you've never heard of or managed an ice dam on your roof, it is important to know what they are and how they damage your roof. They are a small ridge of ice that prevents water from melting snow from escaping the area. Unfortunately, this can cause serious damage to your roof that spreads downward and causes leaks and other concerns.

The biggest influence on this issue is typically an excessively warm roof that causes hot spots. These hot spots melt excessive levels of water and allow it to flow down your roof. At this point, the water freezes and creates a dam that other types of flowing water cannot avoid.

Poor Insulation Could Cause This Situation

Most of the time, a good roof should be well-insulated to protect it from serious heat imbalances. However, an older roof may have weak or damaged insulation that causes heat leakage. Most people may not think about it, but insulation helps to prevent your roof from getting too hot. On the surface during the winter, your roof should be the same temperature as the outside. If it is too warm, you will suffer from an ice dam. Thankfully, it is usually quite simple to fix this issue.

Fixing This Problem

The first step in addressing this issue is to repair all of the damage caused by an ice dam. This step typically requires getting on top of the roof, identifying problematic shingle issues, and getting them repaired. Make sure to remove all the snow from the roof to avoid this issue. At this point, it is then necessary to install new insulation in your roof.

Typically, this step requires adding layers of it underneath of the roof inside of your attic. This extra insulation will help to hold keep in your home and prevent hot spots from developing across the surface of your roof. In this way, you can keep ice dams from becoming a reality on your home.

So don't hesitate to talk to roof repair specialists about this issue if you think it is affecting your home. They will take steps to address the cause of ice dams and add extra insulation to keep the heat in your home and prevent it from escaping to cause serious roofing issues.