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Need To Install A New Roof? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Rubber Roofing

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If the current roof on your home is old, you need to replace it before you start having problems, such as roofing leaks. You have many options when it comes to roofing materials. One of these options is rubber roofing. To help you choose, below are three benefits of choosing this type of roofing so you can get a new roof installed on your home.

Is Lightweight

Rubber is very lightweight when compared to other roofing options. This means it does not put a lot of weight on your home. This also means rubber roofing is much easier for roofing contractors to install. Because of this, they may charge you less labor charges.

Rubber roofs do come in different thicknesses, however. Even if you choose a thick rubber the roof will still be lightweight. Choosing the right thickness is important. This depends on many things, such the pitch of your roof, where your home is located, and more. A professional roofing contractor can help you choose the best thickness.

Protect You from Fire

Rubber will eventually burn but it does so very slowly. It is still very fire resistant, however. For example, if the roof is hit with lightening the roof would not be affected. If there is an actual fire, the roof burns slow enough to give you time to get out of your home and to contact authorities. If authorities get there fast enough they could save your home as the rubber roof would keep the fire contained long enough for the fire department to put the fire out.

Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

Rubber is energy efficient because it reflects the sun's rays, which makes your home stays cooler during the hot, summer months. This is especially true if you choose a light-colored rubber for your home. If you also install energy efficient windows when you install your new roof, you will notice a big reduction in your energy bills. Your HVAC unit will also run much less which puts much less work on it.

Rubber roofing also provides your home with insulation, so it traps in heat during the cold, winter months. This keeps your home more comfortable when it is very cold outside.

Talk with a roofing contractor about installing a rubber roof on your home and they can answer any questions you have about this information. The roofing contractor can also explain to you how a rubber roof is installed. Contact a service, like Earhart Roofing Company Inc, for more help.