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Why A Metal Roof Can Be Noisy

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When deciding on a new roofing material for your home, one thought you may have about using metal is that it will cause your home to be noisy. While it is possible for the roof to cause more noise than a roof made with other materials, there are known factors that make some metal roofs more noisy than others. A lot of it comes down to the installation, which is why it helps to hire somebody that knows about these factors.

The Roof's Profile

A roof that has a raised profile will be noisier when compared to a flat roof. This is due to how the roof deck supports the metal roofing material. With a flat roof, the deck is better supported and will actually reduce noise because of this. The more extreme the pitch, the less support there is underneath the metal roofing material, That's why it's worth considering your roof's profile when selecting a material.

The Fasteners

Fasteners are used to secure a metal roof to the underlying roof deck. Unfortunately, there are several aspects about the fasteners that can cause them to make noise. If the metal roof can shift at all due to the fasteners, it will allow for more noise to be made. The wrong fasteners may be used by a novice roofer or a homeowner trying to do it on their own. The fasteners may not be properly installed, with them being a bit loose and allowing the metal to move around. Using the fasteners to secure the roof tightly will cause the least amount of noise to be made.

The Insulation

If you are worried about sound with a metal roof, you need to have insulation panels installed beneath the roofing material. They help dampen the sound on roofs that have high profiles, and can prevent noise from ever being a problem. Adding additional insulation to your attic can help as well, since dampening the noise on both sides will always be an improvement.

The Metal's Design

Sometimes it's the roofing material that plays a role in if it makes noise. This is due to smooth roofing material being noisier than a material with textures or a heavy profile. Definitely consider this if you are replacing your old metal roofing with a cheaper material, since not all metal roofing materials are made equally.

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