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Improve Your House's Curb Appeal By Banishing Those Dark Streaks!

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As everyone knows, there's an ebb and flow in the real estate market. Sometimes, it's more of a buyer's market and other times it's more of a seller's market. One thing that is for certain is that many people today want to buy a house that is move-in ready. If you are preparing your house to be put on the real estate market, it's a good idea to improve its curb appeal. Today, many people who are looking for a new house drive by houses before reaching out to the realtor. 

In addition to maintaining the yard and driveway, it's important to give the exterior of your home a good cleaning, especially if your house has brown streaks on the roofing and siding. But just what are those brown streaks, anyhow? Here's what you need to know. 

Dark Streaks On the Roofing 

When there are dark streaks on the roofing, it's typically algae growth. The most common type of algae to grow on roofing is called gloeocapsa magma, which is more blue-green in color. It appears very dark, almost black, due to the outer coating of the algae that naturally protects it from ultraviolet light from the sun's harsh rays. Even so, there may be more algae growth in the shaded areas that haven't darkened. There are several reasons for this. For one, algae grow in moist areas that get more shade than sunlight. Secondly, algae spores go airborne and land wherever the wind takes them. 

Solution: Hire a roof-cleaning contractor to clean the roofing with a solution that will remove the algae and kill any traces of spores that may inadvertently be left behind. 

Dark Streaks On the Siding 

Another area where you may have dark streaks on the exterior of your home is the siding. If so, this may signify that you have a leaky roof. The reason for this is because the streaks are actually tannin from the wooden structures of your roofing. Tannin is the organic substance found in wood that gives the wood a brownish color. Therefore, you'll want to have a roofing contractor inspect the roofing to determine whether or not there are any leaks. However, the streaks could be algae or mold instead, but your contractor will be able to tell you what it is. 

Solution: Repair any roofing leaks that are found. Streaks can be removed from siding through pressure washing. 

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