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What Can Hail Do to a Roof?

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If you live in a common storm area, then you know you should look out for your home's roof. Having your roof inspected periodically will help you prepare for any upcoming storm by knowing that your shingles are properly placed, all vents are covered, and seams are tight and secure. You will also have the peace of mind knowing your roof doesn't currently leak.

While wind and rain can be devastating to a roof, so can hail. Hail, no matter the size of the ice pellets, can damage a roof in many ways. These are some of the things that can happen to your roof in a hailstorm, so keep an eye on weather reports and cover your roof with a tarp or have your roofer secure your roof if a storm is coming your way.

Panels can get dented or warped

A metal roof is known to be long-lasting and very durable, however, the harsh slam of many hail pellets can warp and otherwise damage the metal panels of a roof. If your roof is made of metal, try to cover your roof with some type of absorbent material to help reduce the shock of a hailstorm. You can ask your roofer what type of material to use, including weed barrier fabric, a car cover, or another material.

Seams can become loose

The impact of hail can cause the caulk along your roof's seams to become loose. Or, the underside of the roof can become damaged from the pressure of heavy hail and rain combined together, which can cause the foundation of your roof to fail. If you notice moisture in your attic following a hailstorm, call your roof repair contractor right away to see if the underside of your home's roofing structure is ruined.

Shingles can break

Shingles are easily damaged by heavy force, so you don't want hail to hit asphalt or wood shingles or shakes. The edges of shingles can get torn away or old and brittle shingles can even be cracked in half under hail, especially if the storm lasts a while. If you have an older asphalt shingled roof or have wood shakes, ask your roofer the best way to protect your roof against even mild hail damage. All roof repair should be done by a licensed roofer to help protect your roofing structure against future damage. Your roofer will give you an estimate for any needed repairs.