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The Truth About Spray Foam Roofing Material

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When it comes to roofing material, many people are only familiar with the materials they have had on their building in the past. This means that they only know about asphalt shingles, which are not exactly the greatest roofing material out there. Spray foam can be an excellent alternative roofing material, but it has many misconceptions about it since many people are unfamiliar with what it is. Here is the truth about using spray foam roofing for your building.

Spray Foam Provides Great Insulation

Part of the problem with spray foam misconceptions is due to the name. When people think of foam, they think of a soft material that tends to absorb water rather than repel it. This automatically makes people think it is not a good roofing product, even though it doesn't make any sense that the material would work that way.

Be aware that spray foam's R-value is very high, especially when you compare it to competing roofing materials. It provides excellent insulation because of how the material hardens after it is installed. There are no gaps or seams where air can leak through, giving it superior insulation as a result.

Spray Foam Is Cheap To Install

The process of installing a material like spray foam will sound expensive to anybody unfamiliar with the product, because it sounds unfamiliar and complicated compared to what they know with asphalt shingles. What people don't realize is that asphalt shingles are a problematic material to install that leads to higher labor costs, especially when you consider the weight of the material that needs to be transported and the manual process of hammering individual nails into a roof.

Spray foam is installed by combining chemicals through lightweight spraying equipment. The chemicals are combined in the spray gun, so there is no need to transport tanks worth of spray foam material onto the roof. The material can remain on the ground where it is pumped up to the roofing contractor doing the installation. The install of the spray foam can also happen much faster than a traditional asphalt shingle roof, cutting down on labor costs.

Spray Foam Is Durable

Don't assume that foam has a shorter lifespan than other roofing material. You may not be aware that the spray foam creates a bond with the material it is applied to, helping it remain secure for many years. While asphalt shingles will fly off a roof in high winds, this will not happen with spray foam material.

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