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Replacing Your Roof? Protect Your Belongings

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Your home's roof's primary role is to protect your family and personal belongings. However, there will be a day when it is too damaged or old and requires replacement. When this day comes, how do you ensure that all of your precious belongings are safe and secure while the roof is being replaced? Here are three tips that will point you in the right direction.

Tip #1: Protect the Attic

Inside your home, the items that are the most vulnerable will be the ones that you have stored in the attic due to the fact that the attic space is located directly beneath the roof's surface. If you have furniture in the attic, these pieces can be moved downstairs while the roof is being replaced. If you use the attic space for storage, you can opt to cover the items with thick blankets or tarps to protect them from the elements while the roof is exposed, which will also protect your belongings from dust, debris, and other particles that may become airborne during the replacement process.

Tip #2: Take Down Art, Pictures, Etc.

Roofing contractors tend to use considerable force when they are removing panels, hammering singles, etc. As a result, these movements and vibrations will often travel from the rooftop down through the household's structural elements, such as the walls. For that reason, it is important that you take down anything on your walls, which includes paintings, photos, and décor and store these items in a safe location until the roof replacement has been completed.

Tip #3: Move Your Vehicles

If you have a detached garage, then you are golden. However, if you do not, then your vehicles are protected by the same exact roof as the remainder of your home. Because of this, any falling debris or dust could potentially scratch or dent your vehicle and its paint or crack or chip the windshield and windows. Rather than placing and taking off a custom car cover a few times a day, simply make arrangements for your vehicle to be parked elsewhere while your roof is being replaced.

If the time has come for your roof to be replaced, the aforementioned tips will help you prepared your home for the process. For more preparation tips for the roof replacement process or to schedule an inspection to find out if your roof needs a replacement or can just undergo repairs, reach out to a residential roof replacement service in your local vicinity.