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4 Important Ways To Maintain Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

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Even the most economical shingle roofing should last for many years as long as you care for your roof properly. If you're a new homeowner and you don't have experience maintaining a home yet, you may wonder what you need to do to get the longest life from your roof. Here are four suggestions.

1. Keep Moss And Leaves Off The Roof

Moss and leaf clumps hold moisture against the roof, and that can lead to problems with water damage and leaks. Not only that, but algae, moss, and tree debris make your roof look neglected. If you're unable to get on your roof yourself, call a roofing company to clean your roof if it ever needs it, so your roof doesn't age faster than it should.

2. Keep Trees And Animals Away From The Roof

Trees can cause a lot of roof damage, so keep them trimmed so the branches are far enough from your roof that they don't scrape the shingles when the wind blows. Trees also allow easy access to your roof for rats and raccoons. These animals can gnaw through roofing materials and cause roof leaks.

By keeping trees far away, you'll make it harder for destructive animals to damage your roof, the risk of damage from falling or swaying branches is reduced, and more sun can reach your roof to prevent algae and moss growth.

3. Maintain Adequate Attic Ventilation

Your attic should already have vents in it that allow air to circulate through your attic. Ventilation is essential, or your roof gets too hot in the summer, and that can cause asphalt shingles to buckle or blister. Poor ventilation also leads to ice dams in the winter.

If you work in your attic to install insulation yourself or seal up cracks, be sure you don't block any vents, or your roof might suffer. If you ever think your roof doesn't have enough ventilation, call a roofer to check. A roofer can always add another vent if it's needed.

4. Repair Damaged Roofing Materials Right Away

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your roof is to have repairs done as soon as possible. When a shingle is missing or when flashing has a hole, water can leak down to the roof deck and cause it to rot. Once that happens, your roof starts leaking and repairs become more expensive.

Check your roof often, even if you just look at it from the yard, so you can call a roofing contractor at the first sign of damage when repairs are easy and less expensive to have done.

Maintaining your roof helps it have a longer life, and it also helps prevent leaks and water damage to your home. Your roof plays a crucial role in protecting your home from damage, so it's important to care for your roof properly.

For more information about maintaining your roof, contact a local roofing company, like JCB Roofing.