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A Peek Into Residential Window Styles

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Are you planning a residential window replacement? If so, you should take time to consider how the new windows will contribute to the architectural design of your home. You also need to consider other aspects. The following points serve as a foundation for you to understand a few window designs.

Single-Hung Windows

This is a window style that is commonly seen in homes. There are two panes; only the bottom pane can be adjusted up and down. It is a common design due to it being a budget-friendly design.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are designed with two panes. Each pane can be moved up or down. The appearance mimics the appearance of single-hung windows. The primary difference between the two is how they operate. Some double-hung windows operate in and out for easy window cleaning.

Casement Windows

If you have ventilation and energy efficiency concerns, casement windows might be an ideal solution. The energy efficiency of these windows is not based on the type of panes selected. It is the design of casement windows that makes them energy efficient. These windows have a tight seal that gets tighter in windy conditions. They differ from other window designs because they are operated using a crank that opens and closes them.

Glider Windows

The operation of these windows is similar to double-hung windows. The exception is the window operation and design. Rather than operating up and down, they operate side to side. The panes push outward and inward to open and close. Another difference is the option to have three panes instead of two. With three panes, the third pane is for aesthetics. It remains in a stationary position, but the two side panes can be adjusted according to preference.

Bay Windows

These windows offer a panoramic view and can be considered an aesthetic enhancement to homes. They protrude from the home and are often seen in specific areas. Bay windows are usually not used for every window in a home. They have a space that can be used for sitting indoors. Another option is to decorate the space or add plants to it. 

A home window replacement specialist is a good resource to use to learn more about replacement windows. They can offer benefits and help you explore window designs. Replacement window projects are considered an investment and something you can expect to last for many years. This is why you should determine the factors that are most important to you.