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The Roof Repair Guide To Deal With Leaking Metal Roofing Problems Damaging Your Home

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If you have a metal roof installed on your home, it is important to know that it is not immune to problems. Some issues with metal roofing cause leaks and need to be repaired quickly—before they cause serious damage. The following roof repair guide will help you deal with the issues that are causing your metal roof to leak:

Problems With Storm Damage

One of the first issues you will have to deal with is storm damage. Wind, hail, and heavy rains can cause damage to metal roofing just like it does to asphalt shingles. Often, the storm damage to metal roofing is due to wind. The wind can lift sections of roofing or blow them off your home. Installing fascia and other features that stop the wind from getting beneath metal roofing can help prevent damage.

Areas With Cuts and Flashing That Leak

There are areas of a custom roof design where metal materials have to be cut. These are the most vulnerable areas of your roof and where leaks are most likely to start. There are also issues with areas with vents and other features cut into the roof. These are some of the areas that are going to need to be checked regularly for leaks and may occasionally need minor repairs.

Issues With Damaged Seams or Fasteners

There are also the areas where the metal roofing is fastened to your roof,  which are vulnerable to leaks and damage. The fasteners of panels, tiles, and other roofing systems with seams have screws with hexagon heads and rubber washers. It is these rubber washers or bushings that can fail and eventually leak. If you have standing seam roofing, there also issues with the seams being damaged and other causes of leaks that will need to be repaired.

Water Traps and Moisture Beneath Metal Roofing

There are also water traps that are a major cause of moisture issues with metal roofing. There are some things that can cause water damage due to water traps. The first problem is the water finding a way in as it sits on the roof. The other cause is the sweating of metal, which can be worse in areas where there are problems with standing water. You will want to consider improving these areas to prevent water traps that cause damage to your home.

The metal roof on your home can eventually leak, which can cause serious damage. If you need help with repairing leaking metal roofing, contact a roof repair service to fix these issues before they get worse.